Xbox 360 Penny Trick Fix

Have you heard of the xbox 360 penny trick fix? Well, more than one penny. Are you thinking about using this penny fix method on your own xbox?  This is a so-called quick fix for the red ring of death issue that many xbox users are still experiencing.  Well, it’s really called the xbox 360 penny trick. Anyway, many avid gamers have heard of this quick penny trick and tested it out on their own xbox console when they received the “red ring of death.” Or what I called the evil flashing red lights of doom. Here is a video below to show you what you will need to try this penny trick fix for your xbox 360 console.


How does the xbox 360 penny trick fix work anyway, I want to try it myself

The penny trick is uncomplicated and very easy to master. You will need around 12 cents worth of copper pennies. Next, you need to create 4 even stacks with your pennies. Use electrical tape since it is a good insulator and will protect the copper pennies from getting in to contact with the circuit board. This prevents overheating. Then, cover each stack of pennies with the electrical tape (you can use any color tape you want; I like the blue one) until you don’t see any part of the pennies. Now, you can attach each of the tape-covered pennies to each RAM chip located on the motherboard by placing them on top. You will notice that this creates a tight fit when you put the cover back on. Yes, you need to open the xbox 360 console in order to use this penny trick method. This isn’t that hard to do so don’t worry. 4 RAM chips are found within you game console, so you should have a penny stack for each RAM chip. Pretty straight forward instructions.

The penny trick works ….2 hours later…. Wait I see red lights again!

Yes, you will see those evil-looking red ring of death again. Maybe not 2 hours, maybe not 4 hours… but you will see red lights again.

You can imagine when others saw the “red ring of death” again after applying the penny fix to their xbox console. They didn’t know what to do; either throw the xbox against the wall or find another method that actually keeps the “red ring of death” lights from coming back again.

How does the penny trick fix actually work?

Good question…. Well, the 4 stacks of pennies would be on the 4 RAM chips on the motherboard, which heats up when the xbox console is in use. The electrical tape insulates the copper pennies, which removes any heat that is in contact with them.  In simple English, the stacks of pennies cool down the RAM chips, which in turn won’t overheat the system. The reason why you see the “red ring of death” is that the xbox 360 chips are overheating, and to prevent the xbox from blowing out the chips and catching fire, the xbox just shuts down. What you see next is those flashing red lights indicating that a problem has arisen and you need help. Sometimes, after the xbox has cooled down, you may get it working again, but the red ring of death will return after a certain amount of time has gone by. Most of the time, your game console will not start up again and you probably think you have to call Microsoft  to help solve this issue.

Nope. It isn’t. If you want a real solution, unlike the penny trick I told you about, you need a quality product that will solve the “red ring of death” that you can feel confident in. I found THAT product. No … not from Microsoft. But from a young xbox gaming wiz. He is a little young, but this guy created a great video training course that will show you, not just teach you, how to fix your xbox 360 the permanent way. You will never have to see those reddish lights again, and you can save those pennies for something else.

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